While there are already many websites for Indian baby names, why do we need one more?

Indian culture is often described as mosaic, because of the tremendous cultural and linguistic diversity that she posseses. For example, India has about 15 official languages, and an estimated 850 languages in daily use - no wonder she is referred to as the Sub-Continent! It would be impossible for anybody to capture all the facets of this large country or its culture. So, here's our humble attempt to list some unique names from Indian culture, especially those that likely originated from Tamil language - first language to be recognized as a Classical Language by The Government of India.

A rich language with a literary tradition spanning a few thousand years, Tamil is considered to be the most closely related to the ancient Pan-Indian language Prakrit. Though the northern India tongues changed over the millennia due to being ruled by foreign invaders, no concrete boundary exists between Tamil and other Indian languages. Some people consider that the languages in southern India, such as Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Telugu, Tulu, etc to be different regional dialects, they being considered different language mostly because they have different scripts. Even the languages in eastern, northern & western India, such as Bengali, Gujarathi, Hindi, etc have much in common with the southern languages. Our attempt thereby uses etymological analysis to determine names that we believe originated from Tamil, but in many cases used outside the realm of Tamil as well. This is by no means an easy or accurate task.

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