Girl Names Starting with 'M'

Maalai Garland of Flowers
Maalini As Beautiful as Flowers, and Sweet; also Malini
Maargali Name of an Auspicious Month
Maari Prosperous; Goddess of Rain
Maasila Pure; Without Blemish
Mahilam Cheerful; Name of a Flower
Maina Name of a Beautiful Bird
MalaiMagal Goddess Parvathi; Daughter of the Hills
Malar Flower
Malliga Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance; Jasmine; also Mallika
Mangai Cultured Lady
Mangala Blessed
Manimegalai see Mekala
Maragadham A Gem
Marudham The Lush Green Fields
Mayil Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock (Peahen); also Mayili, Mayila
Meena With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish; See Kayalvili
Mekala Excellent Art; also Mekalai, Megala, Megalai
Meyyalagi Truely Beautiful Girl; also Meyyalagu
Minnal Lightning; Brilliance; also Minnoli
Mullai Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance
Muthalagi Beautiful like a Pearl; See Muthu & Mutholi
Muthammal Beautiful like a Pearl
Mutholi Like the Shine on a Pearl
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